Strive Not to Drive


Moving WNC's Economy Past The Car

May 18, 1-4:30 @ Sierra Nevada Brewery
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Western North Carolina's employers and residents agree: Our economic future hinges on transportation options. At Strive Beyond, hear from national and local experts on the latest movements in active, shared, and sustainable transportation. From multi-use paths and workeforce shuttles to regional and express buses, there are real-world options that can grow WNC’s economy, while supporting our aging and working communities. Strive Beyond and leave congestion and combustion behind.


PANEL A: The Business of Bicycle and Pedestrian Access

Our region has an emerging economic sector dedicated to bicycle and trail tourism. Those visitors and the new wave of residents and businesses choosing our region as home expect bike/ped access to extend off the parkway and up to their driveways. How can we deliver and drive more business growth, more customers, and a new economic sector?


PANEL B: Shared Mobility from Home to Work to Retirement

At best, our region's transit and transportation services work for those that need the ride. How might embracing shared transportation, from cars, to bikes, to shuttles, to express and regional buses, improve life for all and get those who need the options to work and appointments more reliably? Whether the goal is to get to work, get free of gas and parking, get past congestion, or simply get out of your house when you're aging in place, there are more and more ways to share transportation as a resource. What will that network of options look like for our region?

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